Charlotte Strohmeier

How to Visualize your Strategy

A Talk by Charlotte Strohmeier (Freelance Illustrator & Visual Facilitator, The Biz Picture)

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About this Talk

Gymtalk #3 - Charlotte shows us how to profit from working visually. Let go of empty words and fill your plans with action and drawing!

In times of remote work it all comes down to collaborating as effective as possible.

In this Gymtalk! we will not only learn best practices on visualization but furthermore, we'll get to collaborate on a real piece of work.

Ever wondered about how many words compete for your attention each and every day? We've got that covered!

Ever wondered how it could be easier to tell your children what you do? Also covered!

Always wanted to punch a presenter who commands more sustainability in the face? Feel you, and will change that.

Excited? You should be!

Charlotte is a freelance illustrator & visual facilitator at The Biz Picture and helps companies to visualize their meetings and ideas.

About The Speaker

Charlotte Strohmeier

Charlotte Strohmeier

Freelance Illustrator & Visual Facilitator, The Biz Picture