Benjamin Pieck

How Modern Algorithms Influence Our Behaviour

A Talk by Benjamin Pieck (Co-Founder, MATCHINGBOX)

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About this Talk

Gymtalk #4 - Benjamin shows us how modern algorithms control our behavior and why German HR departments fail to select suitable applicants.

Despite recurring news about billions of investments in artificial intelligence, current applications feel more like nice gimmicks than game changing technology. But if we trust scientific predictions, modern algorithms will have completely decoded our human personality within the next five years.

In this Gymtalk you will learn more about the exciting field of people analytics in HR: - How does an algorithm actually work? - What data about me is collected on the Internet? - How can modern algorithms influence our behaviour? - How does it all work when looking for the right employer?

Benjamin is an HR-Entrepreneur, speaker and expert for people analytics. In addition to his activities as a lecturer and business coach for various universities and companies, he was involved in setting up a matching algorithm for a well-known German dating platform.

About The Speaker

Benjamin Pieck

Benjamin Pieck